Re-Entry Services

To provide advocacy and resources on those re-intergrating back into the community in hopes of reducing recidivism, relapse and crime. 

Our Mission

To reduce recidivism offering one on one supports, group discussions, and the 12 step reentry guide helping mold a healthy and productive community. 

Our Goal

12 Steps to a Successful Reentry

This program is voluntary to individuals incarcerated.  Individuals may contact us up to six weeks before date of release to start the process of services and support.  We are bridging the gap of incarceration to community settings by supporting those in need of breaking the chains of addiction and incarceration.  Our staff and mentors have a strong dedication to helping ex-prisoners meet their potential using and understanding and empathetic approach to the sensitivity of reentry. 

Get Involved 

IIncarcerated Citizen: please write to us at :

151 Andover Street

Lowell, MA 01852

or contact us with advocate/case manager at:

(978) 455-8795

Family Members/ Loved Ones: please contact us or stop by The Resource and Reclamation Center anytime Monday- Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM.  Weekends on call or by appointment only.  

For additional help or emergency services please call 9-1-1 or Crisis Center at 800-281-3223

Bridging the gap of services and reentry as well as offering a supportive team.  You are not alone. 

What we're doing

The re-entry services that we offer are self-paced, individualized needs to best serve the individual seeking services.  We have developed a new 12 step program called The Guided Strategies to a Successful Reentry.  These steps are a mapped out process of reclaiming our place in society demonstrating change. 


Our open door allows for anyone seeking help to walk through the doors taking the first step in their journey of change and success.

If you'd like a PRESENTATION 

Presentations can be prepared and tailored to your audience and needs.  Most presentations and workshops consist of bring awareness and exposing the disease of addiction and crimes in our community. 

Please contact (978)455-8797 or