Educating and bringing awareness to our community is part of our mission.  Exposing the disease of addiction and the power of change.

Our mission is to empower, enlighten, and educate on the forces of addiction and imprisonment.  We provide safety and support to vulnerable populations thirsty for knowledge and information.  

   Our Goal is to offer hope and supports around those who may struggle with addictive homes or at risk of violence and crime. We offer a prevention empowerment curriculum to at risk youth as well as walk through the struggles with young people who are involved themselves. 

We offer supports individually and in a group setting with adolescents involved in substance issues and criminal activities as well as collaborating with other agencies in enhancing community knowledge.  Developing a place of safety as well as offering information that success is possible stimulates and encourages strength in change.

Prevention & Education

Collaborating with agencies in our community to bring awareness exposing the disease of addiction.  Public speaking engagements with other professionals, people in the community, and other facilities encouraging the power of change. 

We partner with other agencies bringing needed workshops into the community.  We offer workshops from child support issues, housing, banking and self- care.  The journey we are on is a well rounded fully engaged atmosphere of a healthy lifestyle earning tools to move forward. 

If you'd like a PRESENTATION 

Presentations can be prepared and tailored to your audience and needs.  Most presentations and workshops consist of bring awareness and exposing the disease of addiction and crimes in our community. 

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