Shannon barrett

Shannon has been working as a certified substance abuse clinician and legal liaison for four years working within the community.  Shannon holds her certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling from Middlesex Community College and will be completing Southern New Hampshire University class of 2018.  Shannon has a passion for this work in efforts of a healthy community, efforts to reduce recidivism and awareness of the disease of addiction. 

Susan Pollock

Susan, LADAC got her education at Middlesex Community College.  Susan as been working as a Substance Abuse Clinician for four years. Susan has been to multiple trainings and holds a wide range of clinical techniques.  Susan is passionate about this work and has joined the team at the Resource and Reclamation Center in hopes of shifting the movement creating health and wellness in the lives of individuals and the greater community.  

William, "Billy"  owner of Billy's Barbershop, Founder of The Resource and Reclamation Center.  While opening the shop, Billy had a vision to offer a safe place for individuals to come and get assistance.  A mission in his long term recovery to offer assistance without stigma. The Resource and Reclamation Center was born as a place of hope. Billy is using his experience and knowledge in addiction and incarceration to help others navigate their journey as well as educate the community. 

william cabrera


To get involved please call: 978-455-8795.  Referrals can be taken either in person or over the phone Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-3:00 PM.

Drop in at any time to learn more about the services we offer. 

The mentorship program offers one on one supports with individuals in need.  Supports include but are not limited to: referral services, advocacy, educational groups, community supports, and involvement of supportive network.  Each mentor is assigned to an individual based on their needs and can offer supports and services in long-term engagements. 

This program is based on peer to peer support encouraging and empowering the process of change.  The program provides addition supports to nurture the well-being of someone's journey of rebuilding and reclaiming their life.

Our Goal is to help motivate and guide individuals into the community becoming independent, successful, and productive members of society.


To get involved please call: 978-455-8795.  Referrals can be taken either in person or over the phone Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-3:00 PM. 

If you'd like a PRESENTATION 

Presentations can be prepared and tailored to your audience and needs.  Most presentations and workshops consist of bring awareness and exposing the disease of addiction and crimes in our community. 

Please contact (978)455-8797 or