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Lorraine Gustafson
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Susan Pollock

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Dave Tierney
Shannon Barrett
Frank Campos
Eric Fila
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Enjoy a complimentary cut for those reentering our community

Our Mission: To advocate as well as offer resources, education, support and other opprotunities to individuals, organizations, and the greater community in the areas of addicition and reentry services. 

The mentorship program is a peer support journey offering resources and advocacy to individuals.  The reentry program offers the 12 Steps of Reentry guided strategies to a successful reentry.  We collaborate in the community offering education and support services to  high risk individuals. 

We at the Resource and Reclamation Center are dedicated to helping those in need, reclaiming our place in society as well as offer tools and supports to the bigger picture making our community a better place. We offer groups, individual case management, information presentations, and a safe dwelling to seek help. 

Our safe place for sessions, workshops and donation pick ups

If you'd like a PRESENTATION 

Presentations can be prepared and tailored to your audience and needs.  Most presentations and workshops consist of bring awareness and exposing the disease of addiction and crimes in our community. 

Please contact (978)455-8797 or